Monday, March 28, 2016

Mike Wyatt- Girl Expressions

Kolby Larsen - Gnomes 1-3 color comps

Kyle Merriman Stage 2 Update - Comp sketches

Hannah NIelsen--WIPS

Works in Progress :)

Jenna Barton - Pinewood Nat'l Park - Critter Teen rough colors

Grant Hansen - Week 3 - Color Keys and Animated background

Project #1 hunter gay

Kylie Smith Concept 2

Monday, March 21, 2016


Kolby Larsen - week 2 - gnome comps

Hannah Nielsen--Color Comps

Rachel - thumbnails

Personal Project Week 2 - Grant Hansen - Thumbnails round 2

Been working on refining these guys up I think that the workshop thumbnail is still the weakest, would love any feedback that y'all are willing to give. 

Kyle Merriman Creature Designs | Week 1

 I realized I never posted these guys from last week.  Sorry about that!  Here's the first design stage:

Kyle Merriman Revised Schedule

Libby frame week 2 BG thumbnails