Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Concept Examples Good vs. Bad - Grant Hansen

Here are the goods:

Very effectively leads the eye.

Complex multi-figure piece, very low key, and detailed, and YET there's a very clear focal point, and value pattern.

Simplified shapes are following the rules of abstract composition, and BANG. There's the figure right where the abstract rules tell us that it should be. Makes for an easy-pleasing view.

And the bad ones:

Cool character, and great rendering, but there's just too much going on. No visual rest or strong contrast of values, big and little shapes, or high vs. low details.

Very complex scene with so much contrast between so many small objects that you can't really tell where to look, and it's a bit hard to pick out subjects. The face draws your attention, but almost as an escape from the rest of this overstimulating piece.. Though maybe that's the feeling of confusion the artist was going for. heh. 

No clear focal point. The high contrast areas draw your eyes, but then they don't have anything to reward you when you go there. Camouflage effect?

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